Sarah Elizabeth Ellis Carter


      Elizabeth was the youngest daughter of Hezekiah Ellis and Sarah/Sallie Gunnel Hurst.  She was born on the 10 April probably in the year 1824 in Fayette Co. Kentucky.  Her father died within the year that she was born and she was raised on the family plantation along with her 6 brothers and sisters by their mother and close family relatives.  She was born on the same plantation where her fathers family had lived as early as 1796 when her grand father Thomas Ellis came over with his brothers from the state of Virginia. 

                Elizabeth was raised to be a lady as is shown in the 1860 census when she listed her occupation as that of a lady. Elizabeth came from a background of gentle rearing with the help no doubt of a black nanny and slaves to help with the everyday chores.  Sarah was granted a part of her fathers estate when he died and  her mother was granted guardianship of the children. 

                On the 30th of Jan, 1843 at the age of 19 she married a long time neighbor and family friend Jasper Carter.  The Carters owned land nearby and we know from the various Court Records that they had been close acquaintances since as early as 1810. Sarah and Jasper had no doubt grown up as neighbors and friends.

                Shortly after their marriage Elizabeth and Jasper along with at least 1 if not 2 of her brothers families moved to Missouri. There at least 3 of 5 children were born. The family apparently moved back to Kentucky about the time her mother died as the youngest son Kial was born in 1851 in Kentucky.

By 1856 the family had once again moved to a new territory and settled in Dalby Springs Bowie Texas.   In 1851 Elizabeth lost her mother who also left her a small inheritance.  This left very few ties in Kentucky as most of her family with the exception of a brother Peter Hurst Ellis had moved either to different areas of Kentucky or onto new frontiers.

                Elizabeth and her husband were  belonged to the Methodist Church in Dalby Springs. The church was established in 1839 and in 1889 a building with Cemetery were finally built.  Elizabeth and her children were all buried in the Cemetery just outside of the Church.   

                In 1870 we find that Elizabeth is a widow with small children to raise.  What happened to Jasper we can only speculate.  Both Jasper and Elizabeth were from the South and had a background of owning Slaves and working the land.  We can only guess as to whether or not Jasper was killed defending the Southern Cause or met an untimely death at home.

                Elizabeth died in her home in  Dalby Springs in 1902. She was proceeded in death by her son Joseph Thomas Carter and survived by her children Kial E.  and Sallie W. Jones.  She was buried next to her son Uncle Kye Carter and her daughter in law Mollie Adcock the wife of Joseph Thomas Carter. Elizabeth Ellis Carter was the great grandmother of Marie Evelyn Hollenbeck Burrow.

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