Thanksgivings Past

The turkey is in the oven, the wind is blowing outside, family members are sleeping in and the kids are busy relaxing.  Now would be a great time to spend a few moments being thankful for ancestors now gone who sacrificed so much to allow us this wonderful day.  To the Carter family who came to Virginia in the early days of our history bringing many indentured servants with them.  To the Ives family who settled in New Haven Connecticut in their quest for religious freedom. To the Cransdorf family who left their beloved home in the Palantine Region of Germany in their quest for religious freedom eventually settling in The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. And we can’t forget the many men who sacrificed so much for the freedom we enjoy today. The revolutionary Patriots, David Ives and Caleb Smith of Vermont, George Grandstaff and John Beadle of Virginia, John Madden and William Hubbs of South Carolina.  The Patriots of 1812 Osborne, William, and Thomas Beadle of Tennessee, Phillip Grandstaff of Virginia and David Ives Jr of Vermont.  And of course we can’t forget our Civil War Soldier both North and South. Even closer to home are those who preserved our freedom in later times. Charles Henry Burrow who was a merchant marine in World War II. Donald Neumann in the Korean War  Dan Burrow in The VietNam War and James Valle in the Afganastan War.  To each of these brave men my thanks goes out.

Today I am Thankful for my family my freedom a husband who loves me, Children who have grown up to be responsible parents in their own rights and a long line of progenitors who have paved the way for me to enjoy this wonderful day with my family.  Each one has  a story to tell and life that was lived in honor.

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