Grandma’s Breakfast Tradition

It has been said that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and I am sure that the women in our family must have learned 100’s of years ago that the best way to a farmers heart is a good breakfast in the morning. Since many of the mothers in my family were farmers wives the value of a hearty breakfast must have just been naturally molded into my genetic structure. My husband isn’t a farmer but breakfast is still the favored meal of the day. And the nicer and bigger it is the happier he is. When I was growing up breakfast was always a big part of visiting my grandmother Williams home. She always served big platters of eggs, biscuits and gravy and lots of bacon or sausage to go with it. I can still see Grandpa bisquits and chocolate puddingWilliams sitting at the table in the kitchen eating his breakfast on Grandma’s king and queen plates drinking his coffee when he was finished and then moving out to the porch to read the paper or out to the garage to tinker on his car. As a little girl growing up it was fun to go visit Grandma Williams and enjoy her big breakfasts. But nothing ever compared to those mornings when the gravy consisted of chocolate gravy. This tradition carried on through my mother’s home and we always knew there was company in the house when the Biscuits and Chocolate Pudding were served for breakfast.

Being of hearty farmer stock when I got married I had to carry on the tradition as well. The only problem, my dear husband doesn’t like Biscuits and Chocolate Pudding for breakfast or any other time of the day for that matter. That didn’t deter me, my children were going to understand the value of a good breakfast so they naturally grew up with the treat for breakfast as often as they could talk mom into making it. I have to admit that over the years the Biscuit’s sometimes became the Pillsbury brand and the Chocolate Gravy came straight out of the Pudding box but the flavor and the memories were still there. I have to wonder which side of the family brought the favored breakfast to the table and have come to believe that this a tradition brought by Grandma Avery’s side of the family and learned that the her Southern Roots were coming out even in our food choices.

I have learned that there are several legends regarding chocolate gravy in the South: My favorite found in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America states: ”Spanish Louisiana had a trading network into the Tennessee valley. This trade may have introduced Mexican-style breakfast chocolate to the Appalachians, where it is called ‘chocolate gravy.’ I had relatives that came out of Tennessee so why not Chocolate Gravy for Breakfast. You can find Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits mentioned on the internet hundreds of times so I have decided that maybe our family tradition is not as unique as I thought. So if you ever come visit our home you might just find yourself being introduced to a family favorite and company breakfast must. My grandmothers famous Biscuits and chocolate gravy. And I promise to make it from scratch the way all the mothers in my family who came before me made it as well.

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