Our ancestral Role of Honor

Dan Burrow’s family Role of Honor.
To those many ancestors who fought so valiantly that we might enjoy the freedoms we enjoy this day we give thanks. You have gone before us and paved the way that we might live in a land of freedom where we can have the right to bear arms. The right to choose how we would want to worship the Lord. The freedom to speak out and above all the freedom to vote and choose our leaders. As your descendants may we honor your sacrifices and live as nobly as you once did. Thank you for all you have given us.
Our families Ancestral Role of Honor

Caleb Smith  aid the troops by spying at Fort Ticonderoga

Caleb Smith aid the troops by spying at Fort Ticonderoga

Fort TiconderogaRevolutionary War:
Benjamin Elston: New Jersey Pvt served for 13.3 months total beginning October 1777
George Admire Sr. : North Carolina Civil Service
Andrew Rice: Maryland Patriotic Service
Jacob Perkins : Massachusetts 9th Massachusetts Regiment Served 3 years
Isaac Workman: Maryland Signed Oath of Allegiance 1778 Washington Co
Edward Hunter: Pennsylvania 3rd Battalion of Chester Co. and Militia under LCOL. Caleb Davis
George Grandstaff: Virginia 12th Regiment, Continental Lines
William Hubbs: South Carolina, Hunted by Bloody English Col. William Cunningham for Treason
John Madden: South Carolina, 96th District Paid for 103 days Service
Col Thompson Fowlkes: Lunenburg, Virginia Gentleman Justice, Member Committee of Safety
David Ives: Vermont Green Mountain Boys
Caleb Smith: Vermont American Spy at Fort Ticonderoga, Green Mountain Boys
James Hyde: Connecticut Served Connecticut Reg’t of Foot. Commanded by Col. Charles Webb
Timothy Cowles: Connecticut, Served 13th Connecticut Reg’t

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