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Childhood Memories

“I grew up in Idaho and I really did walk 5 miles in the snow uphill to get to school.  It seemed like whenever I would complain about the cold winters or the long bus rides or the walks to … Continue reading

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Starting the New Year out Right.

“When our kids were smaller we would often start out the New Year at home banging pots and pans, yelling and screaming to everyones delight and then putting the kids to bed at 9:00. Yes in California you can celebrate … Continue reading

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Kats Mountain in the News!

It’s always exciting when you get a call from the newspaper asking for an interview to run a feature article. Especially when it’s on my favorite subjects Genealogy, Family History and the Family History Center.  The Sierra Star has been … Continue reading

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Finishing the unfinished or where to I go from here in the coming year.

It seems that setting goals in my home is like a Salmon trying to swim upstream. With 9 children, 14 grandchildren and 3 more expected this year, plus a son getting married I often feel like I am doing just … Continue reading

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Bringing life to your ancestor

I often thought that the word Genealogy was a very cold word. It is a science in which a researcher brings names together through documented proof thus establishing family ties. Genealogy does not give the names characteristics or personalities. It … Continue reading

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Sharing your knowledge

This week my goal was to see what I could do to help someone else with their genealogy and still sit in a hotel room all week. My options were my computer, the internet and the phone. I discovered that … Continue reading

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Lessons in Life

When I was younger the phrase “Love Means you never have to say your sorry.” became very popular. It was used constantly between people as an excuse to not have to apologize. After all if you love me than I … Continue reading

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